Our Approach


Our philosophy

Indradhanu, serving students from Pre-KG through grade five, offers a learning environment that is a thoughtful and progressive alternative. Our teachers strive to transform education into art that educates the whole child, the heart, the hands, as well as the head.

Our educational approach is founded on the time-tested insights into learning that are applied by Waldorf schools around the world. Much current thinking in the education field supports what Waldorf schools have been doing for nearly a century — experiential learning, place-based learning and kinesthetic learning, to name just a few techniques. We apply these insights, making every lesson active and engaging.

The successful results are seen in our highly imaginative, self-motivated students, who approach learning with curiosity, discipline and enthusiasm.

Our Curriculum

Early Childhood Program


Waldorf Early Childhood classrooms don’t look like other preschool classrooms, and there’s a reason for that. Calm, uncluttered spaces encourage the child’s imagination and creativity. For the young child, open-ended, imaginative play offers a way to understand the world. It hones inner forces of creativity and flexibility that become the capabilities for later learning in school, career and life.

Our Early Childhood Program focuses on the children’s overall well-being, including nutrition, sleep and connection with nature. We ensure a consistent rhythm of everyday life, songs, poems and circle games to strengthen the children’s natural creativity and provide the content for high quality of play.

Stories are told, not read, and come to life through the imagination that the children bring to them. Fairy tales and puppet shows allow the children to feel secure in a world where good triumphs over bad. Seasonal festivals and activities in nature foster a meaningful connection with the natural world. 

Nursery & Kindergarten


We offer mixed age nursery and kindergarten classes for children aged 2 years to 5 ½ years old.
These classrooms are vibrant communities of young learners who accomplish so much each day.
Classes begin at 9:00 am and end at 2 pm with aftercare available until 2:30 pm or 5:30 pm.

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Elementary (Grade 1-5)


Many teaching methods grow from the question: How can the student accumulate the most information at the earliest possible age? We ask a different question: How can we best engage students at each distinct age and inspire a lifelong love of learning?

Our deep and varied curriculum includes age-appropriate, rigorous academic work, as well as rich artistic experiences that combine to make learning an adventure, not a chore.

In the classroom and in our natural surroundings, a classical education — science, math, social studies, humanities and the arts — is integrated and taught in an active and stimulating way. Students learn through stories and experiences that feed their senses, foster their creativity and lend a global perspective to their thinking.

Everything from the introduction of the alphabet to the Pythagorean Theorem is taught with depth and relevancy to our world.

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