Imagine a school that shares your values for nurturing your children. A school that allows them the time and space they need to learn in an unhurried, unstandardized environment. A school that challenges them to imagine new ideas, solve problems in new ways and see the world in a new light. A school that inspires them to trust themselves, develop their own gifts and reach beyond the expected

What you’ve imagined is Indradhanu, the first Waldorf inspired school in Chennai.


Why Waldorf?

A Classical Education for the 21st Century


Creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving — these are the skills so many parents want their children to develop today.

Our curriculum is taught through a lens of social collaboration and compassion.

Waldorf students graduate with a well-rounded education, intellectual maturity, confidence in their abilities and a sense of community and responsibility.

Education as Expansive as Your Child’s Future


As students grow and mature, their needs change and so does the Waldorf curriculum.

Our curriculum corresponds to what children need at each stage of development. Every year we build on what has come before, adding layers of sophistication and complexity that results in a deeper understanding of subject areas.

Imagination, exploration, movement and artistic expression all combine with engaging main lessons to create a richly rewarding academic experience.

More Information on Why Waldorf?

YouTube Video on "Why Waldorf?"

Waldorf Answers:

This website intends to provide answers about Waldorf education, in depth, that parents and prospective parents may have, and to clear up some of the misconceptions that may exist about Waldorf education.

Our Vision

For education is easy to embrace. We help every student develop his or her unique gifts using a proven, holistic approach. Waldorf students become independent, creative thinkers who can act with a sense of responsibility and compassion.

Our Mission

The mission of Waldorf School at Indradhanu is to help students discover and develop their individual capacities so that they can fully engage in the world and contribute meaningfully to society. We aim to cultivate clarity of thinking, compassion and moral strength, and purposeful action in our students.

We integrate a rich, age-appropriate curriculum in music, visual, practical arts and movement. We work to make lessons active, filled with imagination and connected with practical life. We recognize that the heart of education is the relationship between teacher and students, which grows and changes to meet the distinct developmental stages of the child